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Deidre Astle

Born and raised in Fredericton Deidre (Dre) loves the music, the trails, the food, and everything else Fredericton has to offer. After going to University in Nova Scotia and doing some traveling Deidre always found herself coming back to Fredericton. After almost a year of being Connie’s full time assistant Deidre is now a Licensed Realtor® with The Munroe Real Estate Group.

Coming from a remarkably diverse work background Dre has worked serving the community in many ways. Volunteering with NBHCG (New Brunswick Heritage Community Gardens), serving as a civil servant with the Province of New Brunswick, starting up a new manufacturing business all the way to serving food and beverage. She is driven, honest, dedicated and determined to get our clients what they want and need. When you work with Deidre, you will receive a knowledgeable and professional real estate advice and a committed ally to negotiate on your behalf with solid systems in place to streamline buying or selling your home.

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Cellphone (506) 471-9590

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